About the World Federation of Athletic Training & Therapy

2016 Strategic PlanStrategic Plan Infographic 

WFATT Vision

Athletic Training & Therapy will be recognized as an essential part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams worldwide

WFATT Mission

The WFATT provides leadership to advance the international interests of its members for the common goal of optimal health care for physically active populations.

Definition of Active Populations

Active populations include those engaged in athletic, recreational or occupational activities.

Strategic Goals

  • 1. Enhance our international contribution to the optimal health care of physically active populations

    • 1.1.  Lobby international organizations to promote awareness of WFATT and its member organizations

    • 1.2.  Grow membership

      • 1.2.1. Increase the number of members in each category to extend our reach and contact

    • 1.3.  Develop and support our emerging markets

    • 1.4.  Engage our membership to promote the profession and WFATT within their jurisdictions

  • 2. Provide leadership and expertise to advance education

    • 2.1. Implement the education program guidelines

      • 2.1.1.  Finalize, ratify and implement the process

      • 2.1.2.  Generate whitepapers and marketing materials

      • 2.1.3.  Identify and recruit candidate programs

      • 2.1.4.  Promote participation in the Mutual Recognition Agreement process

    • 2.2. Continue to offer a World Congress

      • 2.2.1.  Create a World Congress committee

      • 2.2.2.  Participate in the creation of the theme and content for the congress

      • 2.2.3.  Assist with networking regarding speakers

      • 2.2.4.  Investigate financial partners and affiliates to enhance revenue generation

      • 2.2.5. Engage the media to deliver the theme of the congress, and to promote WFATT and the host organization

    • 2.3.  Establish effective use of electronic and social media to exchange information

      among members

    • 2.4.  Facilitate collaboration and dissemination of research

    • 2.5.  Facilitate faculty and student exchange programs

  • 3. Develop a representative governance structure that engages our members

    • 3.1. Conduct a Bylaws review

    • 3.2.  Assess membership categories as they relate to voting privileges

    • 3.3.  Conduct a needs analysis and appropriately revise organizational structure and tasks

    • 3.4.  Explore leadership development programs

  • 4. Develop a sustainable funding model

    • 4.1. Review and make appropriate changes to membership categories and fees

    • 4.2. Grow membership to increase the revenue base

    • 4.3. Investigate and pursue external funding

    • 4.4. Generate clear procedures for financial management and reporting

  • 5. Develop the values and principles representative of the WFATT

    • 5.1. Share knowledge and culture with respect for each country

Membership Classifications

  • Voting Member Categories:

    • Charter Members: National Organizations incorporated to represent the profession of Athletic Training/ Therapy and approved by the Board of Directors.

      • To be eligible for membership, associations/organizations must have sent a delegate to at least one WFATT World Congress and/or the WFATT business meeting

      • Normally voting members will be limited to one organization per country

      • Where two or more organizations in a country seek membership, the Board of Directors will adjudicate on a case by case basis.

  • Non-voting Associate Member 

  • Academic Institutions

    • Academic institutions that offer an academic program in Athletic Training or Therapy recognized by the relevant member organization.

  • State, provincial or regional associate members

    • State, provincial, or regional associations whose mandate is to promote and/or regulate the profession of Athletic Training and Therapy within their jurisdiction as sanctioned by their WFATT national organization

  • Special Interest Athletic Training and Therapy organizations

    • This membership category shall include Athletic Training and Therapy organizations with a special interest or focus on a defined population.

  • Corporate Partners as approved by the WFATT Board of Directors

  • Honorary Members

    • Honorary membership may be granted by the Board or voting representatives at a General Meeting, to individuals who have enhanced the federation or have rendered valuable services to Athletic Training and Therapy through unique or long-term service or have merited special recognition for their work in a parallel field.