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The Biokinetics Association of South Africa

The Biokinetics Association represents and drives the passion for the profession executed with integrity, trustworthiness, transparency, respect and consistency. The Biokinetics Association of South Africa (BASA) is a professional body which represents approximately 1600 Biokineticist members in South Africa.

BASA has a vision: To be a recognized leader and vital collaborator within the Health Sector, and BASA’s mission is to develop informative Biokineticists into transformative health leaders. This development includes providing a supportive community for our members, where they will be upskilled, and maintain continual professional development. One of the major drives for this is via the BASA Roadshows every 2nd year as well as the Life Through Movement International Conferences every other year.

BASA aims to maintain the following objectives:

1. To plan strategically to achieve the enhancement and development of Biokinetic care by Biokineticists in Southern Africa.

2. To promote high standards of education and practice by Biokineticists locally and internationally.

3. To unite and co-ordinate the profession, locally and internationally.

4. To generally support aid programs directed at the provision of Biokinetic care to societies in need.

5. To promote the advancement of the science of Biokinetics for the benefit of mankind.

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