Mutual Recognition Agreement

A Mutual Recognition Agreement or MRA is an international agreement by which two or more non-governmental organizations recognize one another’s professional qualifications and standards.  In the case of athletic training and therapy, it is for the purpose of determining the rights, roles and responsibilities of the organizations in the mutual recognition of certificants for the purpose of satisfying the eligibility requirement to write the examination(s) of another. Eligibility to write each organization’s certifying examination does not in any way; ensure employment or licensure of an individual who is successful on said exam. It is not reciprocity; the granting of privileges to practise.

Benefits of partnership in the MRA:

  • International recognition of the highest level of professional education and certification of Athletic Training and Therapy.
  • Partnership in an international network to promote the profession of Athletic Training and Therapy including exchange programs, research collaborations, knowledge transfer etc.
  • Partnership in international Global Practise Analysis surveys.
  • Collaboration in curriculum development, certification examination processes and continuing education initiatives.