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Academic Institution Membership

Thank for your interest in the WFATT and the academic Institution membership.



  • You can boast that your program is internationally connected and engaged

  • You are connected and have access to Athletic Training and Therapy Associations around the


  • You are connected to Academic programs and faculty members from accredited Athletic

    Training/Therapy programs around the world

  • Currently there 29 academic member institutions from 6 countries.

  • Your logo, profile and links are posted on our website

  • You are authorized to post your “Proud Member of the WFATT logo on your website and

    other promotional material

  • You are authorized to refer to your program as an “Associate Member of the World

    Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy”

  • Eligible to be the highhligted academic institution on our website for up to 4 weeks

  • Free and exclusive access to advertise academic and clinical employment posts on our

    employment board

  • You and all your AT faculty members have exclusive access to the WFATT academic

    Institutions Facebook group that is very active in communicating amongst academic

    institutions and faculty members.

  • You are elibilble to sit on the Academic Institutions Committee

  • You are welcome to participate in our Annual General Meeting

  • You are invited to attend our Bi-Annual World Congress

  • Your faculty members are encouraged to apply to present at the Bi-Annual World Congress

  • Youi are elibible to host our Bi-Annual World Congress

  • You have access to Podcasts and webinars sponsored by the WFATT

  • You have access to study abroad and exchange programs proposed by other academic

    institutional members.

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