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academic institutions

The Academic Institutions Committee (AIC) is the academic institutions networking arm of the WFATT. The AIC serves as a body of academic institutions offering Athletic Training and Therapy academic programs and members of the WFATT. This may include collaborative networking, exchange programs, and research opportunities. It is also a resource to the Executive Committee and works collaboratively with other WFATT committees.

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing and Promotions Committee (MPC) is the communication arm of the WFATT. The committee is charged with managing the WFATT website and other social media communication tools including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. The committee highlights our members through our Member Spotlight feature on the website and coordinate our quarterly podcast. They promote the mandate of the WFATT and the profession of Athletic Training and Therapy through special events, including a leading role in our annual ATT Day.

education & research

The Education and Research Committee (ERC) is comprised of experts representing the WFATT in the area of Athletic Training and Therapy education and research. They coordinate the research and poster presentation portion of the biannual World Congress and lead in the development of educational webinars throughout the year. The committee also serves as a resource for research-related questions arising from the WFATT Executive Committee and member organizations.

world congress

The World Congress Committee (WCC) coordinates applications to host the World Congress. The committee works with the local planning committees to plan and manage the event.


The International Development Committee (IDC) promotes the World Federation of Athletic Therapy to other international organizations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Federation Internationale de Medicin Sportive (FIMS), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It also consults with groups in emerging markets internationally interested in organizing as an ATT profession.

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