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Study Abroad FAQs

The purpose of this guide is to provide a framework in order to establish your study abroad experience.

What are the first steps?

  • Start planning your study abroad opportunity no less than 1 year prior to your desired departure

  • Think about where you would like to complete your study abroad

  • Determine if you would like travel with a pre-existing program or study independently

  • Ask yourself if you would like to travel as part of a group or independently

  • Talk to your parent(s)/guardian(s) about the possibility of studying abroad and where you would like to go and why

  • If appropriate, talk to your Athletic Training/Therapy faculty and or adviser about the feasibility of completing a study abroad program. Completion of study abroad may be feasible given the framework of your curriculum, others may require you to take time off to complete the experience

  • Seek out and contact your university’s international student affairs office to see if they offer any programs which may be of interest to you. Contacting your international student affairs office will also put you in contact with individuals who specialize in studying abroad who will provide invaluable insight

  • Click on the Study Abroad Opportunities link to view a list of programs and or host sites for your country of interest

  • Carefully study what each program and or host site offers and if it fits your goals

  • Upon selecting a site or program discuss this option with your parent(s)/guardian(s) and university faculty adviser

  • If you have already not done so, create a resume and cover letter to send to the host site and or study abroad program director. Make sure you have 2 to 3 faculty and or friends review your materials prior to sending. Remember, this is your initial contact with your host site and or study abroad program and may make or break your study abroad experience

  • Make your initial contact by e-mailing the host site with a PDF of your cover letter and resume attached

I've made contact. Now what?

  • After making the initial contact, discuss your time frame with the host site contact to determine if the pending opportunity is feasible. Keep in mind different countries may have different sporting seasons and consequently different Athletic Training opportunities.

  • It is important to discuss what you are hoping to achieve while studying abroad with your host site. The potential host site may or may not be able to accommodate your goals for studying abroad during a specific time frame

  • If it appears that the desired study abroad opportunity is feasible and worthwhile, determine the cost of the entirety of your stay. This discussion should consist of:

    • Estimated cost of housing

    • Estimated cost of consumable living expenses such as food

    • Estimated cost of transportation and possible alternatives

  • After gathering this information, create a realistic budget for yourself including: Estimated price of your plane ticket, all the aforementioned estimates discussed with your host site coordinator, monies for spending, additional travel, and other expenditures, and lastly international insurance

How do I fund my study aboard experience?

After creating your budget, determine how to cover the cost of your study abroad. Funding possibilities may include:

  • Scholarships

  • Financial Aid

  • Family

  • Fundraising

Your International Office may also have other ideas on funding your time abroad. The International Office may also provide helpful insight on any costs you are not accounting for in your budget or provide ideas on how to reduce the overall cost of your trip.

After securing the funds necessary to complete your study abroad, contact your site host and ask for the pertinent information/documentation (i.e. visa, passport, immunizations, bank statements, etc…) needed to travel to their country. Your International Office may also help you with this information. Most pre-arranged programs will provide you with a checklist needed for the country of interest.

It is important to start gather needed documentation early due to the length of processing various documents. For instance, a passport may take upwards of 6 months to obtain. Also, various immunizations may need to take place over several weeks or months.
While obtaining all of your needed documents, it is important to maintain contact with your host site updating them on your status as well as letting them know you are still interested in the opportunity.

What final preparations should I undergo?

Once all funds, documents, immunizations, and other paperwork have been obtained and or completed, do your best to educate yourself on your host country. This can be done by:

  • Visiting your International Office for any information they may have

  • Purchase books on the given area, especially one which offers advice on proper etiquette

  • Enroll in a course pertinent to the history or current events of the area

  • If needed, enroll in a foreign language course

The more you know about the area you are visiting, the more you will receive from your experience
Finally, after all of your hard work and months of anticipation, complete your study abroad program!!

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