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Meet Asma Al Tamimi. Asma currently works at PhysioOne in Jordan, and completed the Newcomer course as a result of the Qusai Initiative in the summer of 2019. The Qusai Initiative aims to increase the level of readiness and preparation of sports medicine professionals in Jordan. The Crown Prince Foundation and the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2016 which, in part, calls for the implementation of a specialized training course, such as the Newcomer course.

According to Asma: “I am so pleased that this course opened doors to further opportunities.” Following the successful completion of the Newcomer courses, Asma was invited to be the sport therapist of the U16 Jordanian National Basketball Team at the regional championships. The team competed against teams from Syria and Iraq. When asked about her feelings about serving in this capacity, Asma replied: “I am so grateful and proud of having completed the Newcomer course because it helped me better understand and be prepared for the work on the sidelines versus the clinical setting.”


Additionally, Asma works intensively with Luna Sahlol, a football (soccer) player of the first National Team in Jordan. The CPF and WFATT are proud of the Qusai Initiative, especially the many course participants who are now working to advance sports medicine in Jordan.

Thank you, Asma Al Tamimi, for your work and dedication. 

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